Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"The System Is Screwed" Occupy Eugene

I come from a working class family from Massachusetts. Many of my family members served in the Armed Forces. My father is a Vietnam Veteran who moved to Oregon several years ago for cost of living reasons. He and my mother still had a hefty mortgage in Massachusetts after being bankrupted due to hospital bills incurred when my mother almost died years ago. My father, finally this year (after 45 years), is collecting PARTIAL disability for the PTSD he so clearly suffered from as well as agent-orange exposure as a marine infantryman.

I worked my way through college to become an RN. I have worked for years taking care of other people. I work full-time, often 12 hour days, and am barely getting by supporting my family in my small rental apartment. I would love to own a home someday. And yes, I tried that once with my well paid engineer ex-husband. We were forced to short sale when we divorced because of the "housing bubble" we were trapped in. Now, my once perfect credit is screwed.

I watch MY retirement money dwindle down to nothing. The only real savings I have because I was raised to believe that was the smart thing to do. I cannot access it because of penalties and service fees. Money I worked hard for.

I have health and dental insurance as a full time working nurse. But, when my tooth abscessed last year the dental work exceeded my benefits. Now, I still pay credit care every month for the work. In the same month, my 33 year old unemployed, part-time student friend severed his finger. He paid nothing (zero dollars) for the surgery that was required from OHP.

The system is screwed. I, too, am sick of politicians loyal to Wall Street. I, too, am sick of over-paying for food that doesn't nourish. And, insurance that doesn't insure.

I am part of the 99%.


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